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In Fear of Praise


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Addiction is hard enough, but with the emergence of Gordon's daughter Dresden into his life, things can become even more complicated.

Gordon, a Media Arts professor at Copperhead College, is an average middle-aged man with his fair share of addictions to food, alcohol, pornography, and films of Aki Kaurismäki. To make matters worse, Monica, Gordon's colleague, continues to make advances for a relationship with him. She even goes as far as plunging her hand down his pants during a work gathering to grab his attention while intoxicated. But nothing could have prepared Gordon for what were to come next, the emergence of his daughter Dresden, of whom he has never and does not wish to ever meet.

Just like he has abandoned his daughter, Gordon has also mentally abandoned his responsibilities as a professor as well. It's quite a miracle that student's even stick around to attend his classes at all. As I'm sure he'd put it, Gordon would rather be posted up in his bedroom with a drink in one hand and himself in the other. This, however, doesn't stop him from bringing a flask everywhere he goes just in case he needs an extra boost of energy.

With all that being said, I actually really enjoyed the book. A lot of the times, with books that dive into addiction, many of the main characters are really stand up citizens. This novel, however, revels in the fact that Gordon's addictions are continuously at the forefront of his life, leaving everything else that should matter, behind.

To be honest with you, there is some rather explicit imagery, but it is definitely nothing that we can't handle. This might become a problem for many, but once you read in between the lines, there is, in fact, so much to unpack within Gordon's life and the life that Dresden wishes to uncover with her father. Trust me, when I say, each chapter gives you a clear vision into who Gordon is. So much so, that it will be hard to put down the novel for even a minute.

Take a chance, and dive into the story that is Gordon's life.

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G. S. Richter is the author of In Fear of Praise and Nihil's Retina. He occasionally writes music reviews and other garbage for view profile

Published on July 31, 2020

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