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In Ecstasy of the Mind



Feeling overwhelmed after the loss of a loved one, Jimmy searches for answers to the meaning of life in this complied novella of short stories. If you've ever asked "WHY ME?" when everything seems to fall apart, you might relate to this story. You don't want to miss the next indie best seller!

“Sex Sells”

As he looked up, he saw his soul through the empty black darkness of his eyes. There, in the midst of his soul, lied the root of his anger towards the world in which he lived. In his reflection, he saw his silver chain dangling around his neck swaying back and forth with each movement of thrust from his body. He felt like an animal finally unleashed from its cage, naked and untamed. For his mind trapped him in a cage of continuous haunting thoughts, and his days were as nightmares of an unending dream.

Perspiring, he gripped her shoulders feeling each moan of air on his chest. He knew that he could never go back for the decision made. Time only moves forward. In this moment he fell into the envious abyss of a bottomless pit that was originally observed from a distance. Looking back to the edge of the cliff from whence he came, he felt a vestige of penance. The warmth of her insides was a new feeling. He repeatedly inquired deeper in her vortex, but her body held him back. He longed for just a hint of something more as if in search of something still missing.

The room was dimly lit. A lampstand stood on a small table in the midst of the room with incandescent sconce lights on the walls. In the corner of the room was a shower with translucent glass panes. He also noticed a small plastic trash can against the wall. A battered rug on the floor showcased as a centerpiece in the middle of room. A bed, raised four feet off the floor, extended across the width of the room behind white linen curtains.

Smoking a post-coital cigarette, comfortable with their naked bodies, her eyes glistened with sorrow after the transaction was made. He left the place which he had heard of, but now had experienced. “Don’t fall in love” was what the bouncer told him when he entered while receiving a complimentary shot of vodka. Walking, he came across the bridge in the coolness and quietness of night. Looking to the moon, his thoughts became existential. He felt a gentle breeze carried by the river below. Crossing the over into a courtyard, he slowly stopped at a bench under a willow tree. Waiting for the tram to arrive, he sat down and pulled out a green poker chip from his wallet. He clenched his fists with the chip inside. “This chip represents your life. Are you all in?” were the words spoken years ago to choose an absolute consequence. The more he pondered these things; his knuckles became white as snow.     

About the author

Influenced by Eastern European writers during the pre-holocaust era, Ray was moved to complete his novel after to express thoughts of life and human nature. view profile

Published on July 01, 2019

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10000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Literary Fiction

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