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In Calvin Arthur's 5th Grade Shoes - Quest for Courage


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This is an inspirational story about a young boy who finds his voice and the courage to stand up for himself and others.

It's the start of a new school year at Washington Elementary, and Calvin Arthur's filled with trepidation. Like many kids, he's worried about bullies. Calvin wants nothing more than to be more courageous and stand up to their taunts. He also wants the courage to speak up, find his voice and say what's on his mind.

Mrs. Walton, Calvin's homeroom teacher, deserves the Teacher of the Year award. She was tough but fair. Mrs. Walton gave them ample opportunities to work together as a team. She encouraged them to stretch their imagination and think outside the box through multiple science experiments. I loved the assignment that involved students creating an invention that would change the world. I know this wasn't a picture book, but adding a drawing of Calvin and Ava's anti-bully robot would've been an excellent addition to the chapter. 

Calvin and his classmates also learned empathy and responsibility when they were required to write a letter to seniors, convincing them not to drink and drive at prom. I think more teachers should embrace this assignment with their students! Maybe real-life students will experience a touching moment with their senior counterparts like Calvin did with his. And hopefully, students will think twice about drinking and driving. 

In Calvin Arthur's 5th Grade Shoes: Quest for Courage by R.A. Stone highlights the struggles one might face in school. The story also highlights how, with encouragement, a student can thrive even in adversity. Calvin no longer stood idly by why and let bullies target him and others. He voiced his opinions on matters. His confidence skyrocketed, thanks to his inspiring and motivating teacher. 

We all have that one teacher that we will never forget. I believe Calvin will not soon forget Mrs. Walton. 

In Calvin Arthur's 5th Grade Shoes: Quest for Courage is an inspirational story for children 10-13.

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R. A. Stone is an award winning public school teacher of thirty two years. He has taught at the elementary and middle school levels in the USA, Writing has been a life long passion for R.A. The Calvin Arthur series has evolved from all of his countless student interactions and teaching experiences. view profile

Published on April 23, 2023

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