Imperious Realm (Reign of the North Forest Book 1)


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Prisoners are the founders of human life on Eiyesa, but can their descendants free themselves from the threats to their species?

If you want a book that will massage your brain, this might be the one. It is not so in a boring way of trying to stuff knowledge down your throat, but the story that is being told is great proof of the power of planning before putting pen to paper. Although this is a great book, it does describe occurrences and results of domestic violence (physical abuse) that might be a trigger for some people.

It is discovered that there is a whole new solar system separate from Earth's Helium Solar System, it is Eiyesa's Nebulon Solar System. Eiyesa is the second planet from the new sun (Icarus) and it is orbited by two moons (Chrysus and Argentius). As Earth's wealthy population continues to demand more than the planet can supply, it is discovered that Mars is not really a viable habitat for humans, but Eiyesa is seen as a possibility.

To test this possibility, the wards of the state (prisoners) are used as subjects of the experiment. They use the planet's resources without contributing to society, so they seem like the best way to ease demand while checking if the new planet is viable. As the founders of the human life of Eiyesa, Earth's prisoners have to find their feet on a sensitive planet. Imperious Realm is the first book in the Reign of the North Forest series which deals with the lives of the descendants of the prisoners.

While warding off attempted invasions from Earth's humans, Eiyesa's population faces a major survival issue: pediatric and adult Arrested Sension Development Syndrome (ASDS). It either stops the growth of children (creating Antisenents) or rapid aging and resultant death. With these two results of the syndrome, there are many people who are dying and those who remain cannot reproduce. Will the invaders finally win or will these Antisenents figure out a way forward?

I like the fact that Athene Z. Adam used short descriptions. When reading a science fiction fantasy novel, you can find yourself having to wade through lengthy descriptions about the various fictional creatures and places that the author wants to use to show off his creativity. But, Adam did the smart thing and kept those descriptions straight to the point so that the reader has more time to enjoy the actual story.

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I am an avid reader. The thrill of ingesting information through words has not faltered with time. Instead, it has gotten stronger as I have found myself discovering new genres. I became interested in reviewing books recently and I have enjoyed the world it has opened up for me.

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