imperfect: a collection of prose and poetry


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embark on the journey of a wilting rose
who begins to thrive from the lessons she learned
in her twenty-three years of existence

if you suffer from mental health issues, these words will help you survive, the same way they helped me survive.

you would not be you
if you weren't


  you do not arrive perfectly packaged into this world.

you arrive bawling, bloodied, bruised, and battered

after a nine-month journey in your mummy’s tummy.

a journey that pictures the monster inside you

a journey that rips your mother apart

for you must claw your way out, and leave her to

scream for help,

gasp for air,

plead for it to end,

before you pop out,

a colored combination of pink, peach, and scarlet.

and even then, the doctors must scramble,

until you let loose a wail that convinces everyone you’re okay.


how ironic is that?

that your cries symbolize your arrival?

that your pain confirms your life?

for this day, the day of your first cry,

is celebrated until the day you die?


so, remember this every time you wonder why you must suffer:

there is no smile that comes without a touch of pain.

you would not be here without that first cry.

you would not be you

if you weren’t


About the author

A 24-year-old chemist by day, avid author by night, hailing from Ontario, Canada. I write to release emotions - anger, frustration, sadness. I write to feel accompanied, protected, not alone. I write because words save lives. view profile

Published on December 27, 2020

8000 words

Genre: Poetry