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I Have (Had) Enough: Memoirs of Abundance in Fatherhood, Friendship, and Faith.


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Christian author Jeff Jacobson recounts his life parenting four children through a series of short, often funny, essays.

Jeff Jacobson shares some of the joys and glories of parenting - perhaps I should call it "fathering" instead - in this collection of essays on raising four children. Even secular and freethinking readers will find entertaining stories and useful advice in I Have (Had) Enough.

The essays are organized more or less by child. We first meet Gabriel, who grows up to become a US Marine sergeant. Next are the twins, Tate and Levi, who survive a harrowing birth to spend their lives competing with each other, and others on the lacrosse field. Last is Chloe, the beautiful girl (inside and out) who dad thinks should spend her life protected by men.

Jacobson writes a letter to the future spouse of each child, describing each of them in terms you'd like your dad to describe you. Only Chloe's future husband gets a stern warning: You will stay married to Chloe, or all three brothers will likely come after you for hurting their sister.

We learn something of life in the Jacobson household - among other things, Dad arm wrestles every new friend that comes to visit, and he's undefeated so far. He also likes to write birthday letters to his kids, usually telling them how proud he is of them, what he likes about them, and occasionally reminders of pieces of advice he's offered them.

There is much gentle humor in here too. You probably won't embarrass yourself giggling on the bus while reading, but there are enough stories that will put a smile on your face.

Jacobson leaves the family stories for one section of the book to offer a tribute to his best friend in his school days, killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

The book's final section, "If Jesus," offers parables of Jesus in a variety of everyday situations. Jacobson is big on giving money to people who ask for it on the street, and you'll learn why in "If Jesus Held a Sign." Aside from a few passing references in earlier essays, this is where Jacobson's faith is front and center.

There is good stuff here, and a very easy read.

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Jeff Jacobson is a New Jersey native who now calls the Hoosier state his home. He's a father of four and he's been married to his college sweetheart, Kristie, for nearly 30 years. His greatest joys and his best stories come from being a father, a friend, and a follower. view profile

Published on April 26, 2019

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