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I Can't Reach It!


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Young children and their caregivers will delight in the beauty of this picture book and the important lessons Moyo learns in the story.

Moyo the giraffe is having a challenging day. First, she is not able to reach the leaves she would like to eat. Then, she is not tall enough to help a little fallen bird get back into its nest. Later, her friends are too far away to play, her neck is too short to drink water from the watering hole, and she misses her granny who lives on the other side of the savannah. For every complaint that Moyo shares, her mommy offers a constructive solution. And each time she tries her mother’s suggestions, Moyo increases her level of independence and her confidence in herself. Everything Moyo learns prepares her for a bright future filled with possibility.

Readers will be immediately drawn to the noteworthy design and presentation of this book. The illustrations are filled with depth and color, incorporating a blurred background and a foreground in sharp focus. Bright colors and friendly expressions connect readers to the myriad savannah dwellers who reside with Moyo and her mother. Additionally, textures—especially those of leaves—appear as though they can be felt on the page despite its two-dimensional surface. There are strong visual reminders of the Lion King movie, providing an additional layer of interest for some readers.

The story is delightfully crafted, using a formula that will keep young readers involved whether they are reading the book in a group or with a caregiver. Typeset in varying colors and shapes, the text becomes another character in the story. Pre-readers will be able to locate Moyo’s name and the new skills she learns because of their specific repeated colors and placement even if they do not yet recognize the words themselves.

At the end of the book, the author has included a list of facts about the giraffe along with resources for further exploration via her website. Young children and their caregivers will delight in the beauty of this picture book and the important lessons Moyo learns throughout the story.

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Being short when you’re supposed to be tall isn’t always easy.

Moyo, the little giraffe is one lucky girl – she is growing up in the African savanna enjoying the beauty of nature.

But growing up as the tallest animal in the world isn’t easy, especially when you’re still short.

Moyo faces new challenges every day but thanks to the encouragement of her mom, the majestic giraffe lady, she never gives up and discovers that anything is possible if only she believes in herself and her abilities.

Kids of all ages will adore this heartwarming children’s book that takes them to beautiful Africa. Gorgeous illustrations and an encouraging story show kids the power of self-esteem and perseverance.

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Jana Buchmann is a children’s author and proud mom of three with a love of storytelling. Her books are characterized by beautiful, adorable illustrations and simple, uncomplicated storytelling. Jana believes that any child can learn to love reading if they are given the right book. view profile

Published on December 17, 2020

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