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I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power


Worth reading 😎

It's lovely reading a book where you feel that the main characters look like you.

This book recounts the birth and rise of The Black Pharaoh and the author Emmanuel Lulu Jr has done a good job tying history and folklore together to bring to life this story.

It follows the rise to power of the child of Iset, the maid servant and concubine to Pharoah. Following the falling out of the Pharoah's Queen and her maidservant, Iset is told to leave and goes back to the land of her people.

The author vividly describes some scenes and spends a lot of time etching out certain details. The characters are given life through dialogue which the author uses extensively throughout the book. It is through these exchanges that the readers get a feel of the characters ethnicity, beliefs and values.

The author has carefully thought out the sequence of events and this is clear in how the plot has been structured. The historical accounts are familiar and an avid reader will appreciate the similarities of the plot to others. Unfortunately the absence of details of other events in the book makes the pacing of the whole book skewed.

I would recommend this book to those interested in historical fiction and are looking to find the ethnic minority voice reflected in the main characters.

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About the author

Author, Emmanuel Kulu, Jr. is an African Historian/Author of Cameroonian descent (Zulu/Bantu Tribe). After several years of deep study and research of great African kingdoms, Kulu was drawn to Ancient Egypt as the monarch of African Studies & Antiquities. view profile

Published on May 20, 2020

Published by Pen it! Publications

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Historical Fiction

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