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A book that makes the counter-intuitive intuitive, and the things we regard as obvious meaningful - a hot take in TED talk format

I Am Only Human makes a strong case for the need to understand our own minds, by explaining how we are all irrational beings living in a world that was misguidedly designed on the assumption of rational behaviour. Danov makes sense of the underlying instincts of human reasoning and patterns of interaction. He draws on examples of phenomena observed during the COVID pandemic, as well as things that we tend to take for granted as the way the world works.

Danov examines his and the reader’s own behaviour in order to understand the larger patterns of things that do and don’t make sense:

Without looking into ourselves first and what makes us tick, it is harder to understand society and how other people behave because society is constituted by people like us.

His tone is simultaneously no-nonsense and validating - he walks through the absurdity of creating a perfectly aesthetic diorama of a morning cup of coffee for social media, and then also explains, without any judgment, the reasons why we care about putting out false images of our best selves.

His arguments - as he himself admits several times over - are far from leakproof. They are informed largely by his personal experiences, and filtered through the very specific lens of his life. The tone of the book is refreshingly easygoing, considering the subject matter. 

I Am Only Human feels like Danov’s hot take on the modern world, but if it was a TED talk. It doesn’t quite explain the world, but it does show you  the world exactly the way he sees it. This book makes the counter-intuitive parts of our behaviour intuitive, and makes the things we regard as obvious meaningful. I Am Only Human might not teach you anything you didn’t know, but it might just encourage you to look a little closer, and examine the things that you tend to ignore.

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Georgi Danov is a finance professional and social psychology enthusiast. While studying for his business degree, he developed an avid interest in psychology and its implications for business, finance, and everyday life. view profile

Published on September 15, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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