HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act At a Time


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Stories of hope. The ripple effect. The empowerment to make a difference, within your skills set. Inspiring.

This book is inspiring. Filled with optimistic stories, what sets this book apart from similar titles – like the Chicken Soup for the Soul series – is its ability to connect these acts of kindness to ‘everyday people who focus on what they can do to make a difference’. This encourages each of us to make a positive impact through small acts that are achievable by every one of us. The ripple effect of donating time, skills or money is evident in the impact of the lives of the people in these true stories.

The book commences with the author’s visit to a high school graduation of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, describing the commitment of alumni who are ‘forever connected … because of the impact the school had’ on their lives. This sets the tone for the stories to come.

The leukaemia diagnosis for Aronson’s wife, Mia, then sets the scene for all the help that his family received during their crisis time. This kindness started Aronson recording the positivity that abounds in the world, yet often goes unnoticed. He states, ‘I hope the people you read about also leave you feeling inspired and plant the seeds for more inspiring stories’. He succeeds.

Many stories feature large-scale impacts. It can seem unachievable for one person to match that. Therein lies the beauty of this book: Aronson brings each chapter back to the impact an individual can do. ‘Our acts of kindness, no matter how insignificant we think they are, can be life-changing for someone else’, he writes. Each situation started with one person’s decision to do something, small enough to fit into their everyday life. The reader is presented with a decision: what sort of legacy do I want to leave? What type of difference do I want to make? Every action has a ripple effect, and we can decide what we want that to be.

Refreshingly free from typographical errors, well-written and with an attractive layout, HumanKind features a conversational style. The type of stories accentuate this familiar tone, which in turn heightens the yes-factor the reader is left with: I can make a difference with my small actions, kind words and time.

So can you. In the words of one of the participants, ‘don’t hope (for a better future). Decide.’ The power to make a positive impact is within all of us.

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