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Howl of Blades


Loved it! 😍

Revenge is best served cold! The Howl Of Blades might just keep you up all night in anticipation of the next battle yet to come..

Hannibal was one of the greatest generals of his time. However, as the wars with the Romans are raging, there are other battles happening, and these could make or break the coming army.

Caros fought with Hannibal, earning himself a wicked scar and a bit of a legend around his name. But when he is accused of a murder that he did not commit, he and his small band of warriors must do whatever they can to clear his name - and stay alive in the process.

This book was a good read. I will admit, at the beginning of the book, I felt a little lost as it jumped from scene to scene with no real clear cut path between it (but that is the editor in me talking). The book lover in me fell into the story and managed to piece together what was happening, and then move forward. There were not many places where the story lagged, and it seemed to come together nicely.

The story of Caros, although fictional, brings back to life some of the lesser talked about conflicts on Hannibal's path and brings in some characters that you want to follow. You will rejoice with their triumphs and feel the frustration when they are halted.

Fair warning, there are a few places within the book that could be a trigger for some people, but overall, well done and enjoyable!

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J. Glenn Bauer has been writing dramatic military historical fiction novels set in the ancient world of Carthage and Rome since 2012 and is the author of the Sons of Iberia titles and prequels titles. Born in Southern Africa, Glenn now lives and writes on a cruiser in the South West of England. view profile

Published on May 16, 2019

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Historical Fiction

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