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How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book


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If you have ever considered writing a book Vinil Ramdev's 'How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book' is a must read.

If you have ever considered writing a book Vinil Ramdev's 'How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book' is a must-read.

Complete with 16 concise information-packed chapters, the author covers everything from how to go about writing a book, to plagiarism and copyright, to finding a good editor.

The message is: ' A book written is better than a book just thought about.' And the author outlines the how-tos to make that happen.

The majority of want-to-be authors think about writing a book, but never do it. Ramdev's goal is to give us the tools we need to make it happen. Many times people think, why should I write that book, as others have written about that same subject. However, the author says our experiences are all different, so even if the concept has been written about, your take will always be different.

With self-publishing, you can write a book about just about anything.

While there are many facets in book writing, it takes:

- Planning

- Discipline

You should write every day, preferably at the same time. This helps you develop a system where you are working on your book. Being an author takes more than just writing, you need to determine who your audience is. That will help you determine a title that not just reflects what the book is about, but also will catch a reader's attention.

In writing your book, you should consider:

-Using a Google search and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your titles

- Research the subject from credible sources, which may or may not include interviews with experts

- Double checking and checking again for potential plagiarism (using other people's material) and grammatical errors

- Using an outline when it comes to determining chapter content

I found the Chapter .., the Book Plan, very helpful. The main things to consider in that plan are:

- The title of the book

- Your reasons for writing the book.

- The objective of the book

- Your target audience

- Why should your target audience read the book?

- Length of the book

- Number of chapters

- Length of each chapter

- List of chapters

- Outline for each chapter

That sounds like a lot of information, and it is. That's why if you ever have thought about writing a non-fiction book, be sure to read Vinil Ramdev's 'How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book'.

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Published on September 01, 2020

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