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How To Survive The Office


Loved it! 😍

It is sharp , succinct, and brutally honest in outlining a survival guide to employees in any work sector.

How do top performers who have improved themselves academically sometimes get sidelined repeatedly at interviews for company promotions? How to Survive the Office; The Ultimate Guide explains this paradox frankly and practically as a father or mother would to their beloved children.

The author, Jeremy Young, speaks from the vantage point of working at the US, European, and Asian corporations in multiple roles, including CEO, board member, CFO, and marketing office. The author promises to demonstrate to the reader a holistic approach to surviving in the corporate world. His text of approximately 42 pages examines workplaces' politics and delivers to his readers some golden eggs in managing the potential pitfalls. In the six chapters of his book, the author escorts, and guides the reader from the hiring to the possibility of the firing or the retiring process.

This short text reveals solid and worthwhile advice that can help frank, outspoken, and well-intentioned individuals ensure their foothold and promotion in their employment places. This Ultimate Guide cautions the young, self -motivated, and outspoken workers that many organizational systems are orchestrated to silence and subdue strong dissenting voices.

My encounter with this book reminded me of the need for gratitude for my entire salary rather than complaining of my take-home earnings' inadequacy. I think the book is a gem that is worth careful reading for the self-motivated, outspoken, and achievement-focused employee. I have found many of Young's bleak statements of the similarity of petty company policies relevant to many modes of operation in many government sectors. Additionally, the methods of operation are shockingly similar.

This book is an ideal gift for persons entering the world of work or for individuals who are working but cannot secure permanent promotional positions. How to Survive the Office is an easy to read a book as the book's language is uncomplicated and full of everyday jargon. This book discusses boundaries not to be crossed in the workplace that employers will never tell incoming workers, yet they will be expected to know them. This book will help employees read clearly between blurred lines and practices in their workspaces and inspire them to create safe spaces of self-care for themselves.

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Published on September 05, 2020

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