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How to Say What You Mean: Without Being Mean


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"How to say what you mean: without being mean" is a well written book to guide the readers about how to act and react in a polite way."

"How to say what you mean: without being mean" is a very well written book by Jan Thomas. Jan teaches the readers about the rules that they should adopt in their life for achieving success at developing a well balanced kind of relationship while dealing with day-to-day matters.

Jan raised different questions in the minds of the readers,

1. Are you ‚Äúpeople‚ÄĚ or ‚Äútask‚ÄĚ oriented? How has this helped and/or hindered you?

2. By your words how have you hurt others? How have you helped others?

3. Do you ‚Äúblow up‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúclam up?‚ÄĚ What sparks the action?

4. How do the words community and communication relate to each other?

5. How does codependency harm relationships?

Among all the other books in the genre of spirituality, this book has an entirety different and fantastic method of setting some guidelines for everyone who wants to have a successful life in all the ways. How to manage our behavior, our anger or exuberance in the face of certain situations is a difficult thing to do. How to live in harmony with our society is the most inspiring way of living. The author sounds like a great therapist, the work is very therapeutic for the distressed minds! It's a really wonderful piece of writing.

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CHAPTER 1 What is Communication?

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I retired as a prison warden in 1997 and helped begin a prison ministry that I have been volunteering with since then. I pioneered Celebrate Recovery in prison which is now worldwide. The information in this book came out of my experience through all of this and has proven helpful for many. view profile

Published on August 11, 2020

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