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How Free Do You Want To Be?


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Don't be surprised if you have a spiritual awakening. This thought-provoking book is interesting. Everyone can benefit from R. Cord Beatty.

              R. Cord Beatty is the author of How Free Do You Want to Be? |Steps To a Spiritual Awakening| The Story of a Cure for Addiction

               R. Cord Beatty (Cord), a successful businessman, was living the American dream. He acquired many possessions and was under a lot of stress. His wife noticed his drinking habits, but he denied having a problem.  His denial caught up with him. At 46, he lost everything and lived a life of debauchery.

               In 2010, doctors diagnosed Cord with a liver disease. With death, now imminent, a shattered and defeated man prayed. His pain left. He felt peace. He would never drink again. Throughout his journey, he attended AA meetings regularly but never could complete the 12 Steps. He left the hospital and returned to AA to process nine of the 12 Steps as the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson (Bill W.) and Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith (Dr. Bob) had intended.

                In 1939, the founders of AA were two drunks who helped each other to sobriety. They published a ray of hope for addicts in the Big Book offering 12 Steps to find the cure to alcohol and addiction.  Cord and his sponsor began to process nine of the steps because he had already completed the first three at the hospital.

                Each person’s spiritual awakening is different. Some find the 12 Steps confusing because they seem overlapping. The first three require admitting defeat, finding a higher power, and making a decision to surrender your entire being to that higher power. However, processing each step is necessary. It was not easy for Cord, but he finished each step and has been sober for years.

               This book is his message to you. “To those of you who are still struggling, if you are reading this message, please hear me. You do not need to suffer the way that you have been for so long. You are not alone . . .”

               Cord is a public speaker and regular on talk shows, radio broadcasts,and podcasts. He helps hundreds of individuals to overcome addiction through his treatment centers, education, and sponsorship in the AA and NA programs.

               How Free Do You Want to Be has 216 pages. It’s real life and an excellent read. Interestingly, people are addicted to things other than alcohol including sex, eating disorders, hoarding, pornography, and even pain. This book is an excellent eye-opener.   

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My name is R. Cord Beatty.My story is one of spiritual awakening, redemption, and a journey to full recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction. Educated in Psychology in Addiction, Purdue University. I am the owner of The Retreat At Zion a licensed residential inpatient treatment center in Utah. view profile

Published on January 01, 2020

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