House of the Shrieking Woman


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House of the Shrieking Woman is a fast-paced supernatural mystery that delivers the chills.

Sarah Greene is a psychic. She can communicate with ghosts and has been doing so since she was fifteen, after her best friend’s demise. Although she doesn’t comprehend why she was chosen for this “gift,” she can’t turn her back on it. Putting her abilities to good use, she investigates paranormal mysteries.

One such mystery, or let’s say, a series of disturbing events, occur at a women’s shelter. Despite barely surviving her previous encounter with a deadly dark force, Sarah agrees to investigate these events. The arrival of Ana, a domestic abuse survivor from Guatemala, apparently started these unsettling events. However, Sarah soon realizes these to be the handicraft of a demonic force that has its evil roots settled deep in the town of Dos Santos. Will Sarah be able to save Ana? Most importantly, will she herself survive another encounter with a demon? Read House of the Shrieking Woman by Steven Ramirez to find out.

Ramirez pens a gripping tale of mystery and supernatural suspense in the House of the Shrieking Woman. Although it’s part of a series, the author explains the backstory whenever old events are referenced. Hence, it can be read as a standalone. Often, there are biblical references; however, this is not a religious fiction novel. These references enhance the understanding of the situations and move the plot forward.

It’s a fast-paced supernatural mystery that delivers the chills. With plenty of twists and turns, Ramirez holds the attention of his readers and makes this a page-turner. I loved the investigation procedures as well, which were employed to give a deeper understanding of Ana’s past. The secondary characters are well-developed too. Each of them contributes to the story. Ramirez’s adeptness at building tension coupled with his vivid descriptions of the scenes makes this novel highly atmospheric.

However, Ramirez deals his readers a blow in the form of a cliffhanger. I kept leafing through the pages to see what’s next; what’s going to happen to Ana – is she going to be all right? These indeed are signs of an accomplished writer. But to come to the last page and not get the answer sure was frustrating. I will be looking forward to reading the sequel.

I will recommend Steven Ramirez’s House of the Shrieking Woman to fans of horror stories and supernatural mysteries. 

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Steven Ramirez is the award-winning author of the supernatural suspense series SARAH GREENE MYSTERIES. A former screenwriter, he also wrote the acclaimed horror thriller series TELL ME WHEN I’M DEAD and Come As You Are, a horror collection. Steven lives in Los Angeles. view profile

Published on February 01, 2020

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