House of Bastiion


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An epic story that has the reader holding their breath and wondering what will happen next.

I determine if a book is a 5 star if it stays with me long after the last words are read and as I read the book I am thinking on the characters and the plot. This book fills that requirement.

Like any epic story, the beginning is rather slow as the reader gathers the necessary info to understand the characters. This changes as the mysteries begin to present themselves. Maybe not just mysteries but questions that are not answered quickly or easily begin to surface.

Characters - They are complex and compelling. Their pasts are forever with them in the present and direct their future. Many layers are woven throughout the characters and have the reader connect with them on many levels, even if it is an acknowledgement of knowing someone like them in our own lives. They aren't perfect or completely good or bad. They are a mix of both and everything in between.

Plot - There is not just one plot in this story. Each characters is caught up in their own personal plots. As the reader journeys through the story, they discover that all plots are interwoven to some degree. Nothing in this story stands alone.

Life is not simple in this life. Add in political treachery and dark secrets, and you have the perfect setting for an intricate plot to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Writing - I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style of the author. The scenes are described just enough to give me a feel for what it is but not too much to tamper my imagination. Quite a bit of explanations are given for things that are of that word and unfamiliar in mine. There is also several foreign languages that are spoken. The author does an excellent job of introducing them to the reader.

Subject matter is deep and intense. While nothing is too explicit, this is not for children.

Downsides - I found a few proofreading mistakes. They made me pause in my reading but because the story was so compelling, I continued on and didn't let them interfere with my rating. (I rarely do that so that something about this story.)

Conclusion - When I finished this story, I was very sad. I wanted to know soo much of these secrets that I thought had been revealed, but.... When is the next book coming out? I need it now! (Says the new fan!) You really have to check this book out.

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K.L. Kolarich is a fantasy fiction author, based out of Nashville, TN. An individual plagued by an ever-present distraction of fable and lore, K.L. Kolarich dreams in the day and writes through the night. With too many cats and not enough wine, Kolarich resides in the woods, happily married. view profile

Published on January 19, 2021

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