Honeycake: Counting All My Blessings


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Meaningful, empathetic book explaining jealousy and gratitude in terms easily understood by children

Jealousy or the "green-eyed monster" can rear its head any time. More so, when your family showers all its attention and love on a new arrival. How can you help the elder child cope with this change?

This book is not only beautifully written, it also explains the concepts of jealousy and gratitude in language that young children can easily understand.

The idea of gratitude may be difficult for children to grasp because they are usually self-centered by nature. In this age of instant gratification, slowing down to think and make use of a gratitude journal is a good idea to introduce at a young age.

I felt that the illustrations could have been better in terms of sharpness and brightness, but I am blown away by the way the subject matter is treated with sensitivity and empathy. The narration uses simple words yet conveys deep emotions and makes thoughtful suggestions.

I envision this book being immensely useful in families with young children who need help dealing with this big change in their lives and disruption in their normal routines.

This is a book I would read to my child again and again, and one which provokes meaningful discussion and thoughtful conversations.

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In the fifth installment of the delightful Honeycake book series, Nala’s mama and papa are celebrating the birth of their newborn son. But, when baby Luka receives so many presents and all the attention, Nala becomes angry and green with envy.
This book teaches children the importance of gratitude and how to focus on what matters most in life.
Showing gratitude is a great way to find balance in the materialistic culture we live in today.
With the help of her grandmother, Nala learns the importance of gratitude and how being thankful for all the wonderful things she has in her life equips her with a powerful tool to make those icky feelings of jealousy from the “Green-Eyed Monster” disappear.

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Medea Kalantar, a Reiki Master, Guinness World Record Holder and Multi-Award-Winning Best Selling Author. The Honeycake books teach children about diversity, kindness, mindfulness, trust, and gratitude. This series will enlighten, empower, educate, and entertain children for generations to come. view profile

Published on August 07, 2020

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