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Hole in the Fence


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Simply, easy to read, and fun story about telling the truth and working as a team

Hole in the Fence is a another great story by Papa Paws. It teaches children about honesty and teamwork through simple and easy to read text and cute illustrations.

Molly and her sisters discover holes of all sizes in the yard. They know Papa won't be happy and try to figure out who created them. They soon discover it was their friends Harley and Macy.

When Papa discovers the mess, he is upset and asks the dogs what happened. The dogs were honest and Harley and Macy apologize. Papa is happy they told the truth. Then, he has an idea of how it fix it. Papa and the dogs work as a team and have fun in making things right.

I love books that are not only fun to read with wonderful illustrations, but those with a lesson embedded in it. Hole in the Fence is one of those books. The author does a great job of subtly teaching children two big lessons.

Children will not only learn to be honest and work as a team to solve problems, but receive a small lesson about sizes too (small vs. medium vs. large.) And, a little lesson on investigation/finding the root cause of a problem too.

The author also encourages adults to let children participate in executing the solution to a problem. It will give children confidence and make them feel like adults.

Children ages 1-5 will enjoy this story. I know I did. Little ones will have fun listening and looking at the adorable illustrations. Five-year-olds will like reading aloud as the text is simple and easy.

The story has a sweet and positive tone to it. Even when Papa is upset, it doesn't feel like doom and gloom. This helps readers (children) to feel comfortable in telling their parents the truth.

I love the illustrations. The colors are very soft. Everyone will love the adorable main characters. The dogs will put a smile on your face and warm your hearts.

I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading more by Papa Paws. Great work!

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I am an independent author of children's books, Instagram book reviewer and lover of books. I have written three books to date and have recently discovered my love of reviewing pictures books that are not only fun to read but teach child important lessons. Fan of Berenstain Bears and Amelia Bedelia.


Today, Molly and her sisters discover holes all over their yard. They dig up the truth about who caused the mess while coming over to play. Papa sees the damage to the yard and is not happy. He surprises everyone with his idea. Can they all work together to help fix the problem?

Based on the real-life adventures of a sweet little doggie named Molly Paws and her family.

This book features full-color illustrations of cute doggies throughout and is perfect for:
-Children ages 2-5(ish) who love stories and pictures of dogs.
-Moms, dads, and grandparents who read to their kids and grandkids.
-Big brothers and big sisters who enjoy reading to their younger siblings.

About the author

Words by Mama Paws. She is a pet lover to her core, she has earned the nicknames “Poochie Mama” and “Mama Bear”. Pictures by Papa Paws - he is a dog lover and artist. At age 9, he created his first comic book featuring his dog, Woody, and has been drawing ever since. view profile

Published on January 11, 2022

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