Herlot of Alonia


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This high fantasy is a triumph and a promising start to an epic and exciting series.

On the surface, Herlot seems nothing more than a peasant girl from the small village of Alonia. But her mother, Ilvy, had known from the beginning that daughter was special. As she carried Herlot in her belly, she couldn’t explain her sudden childlike urges, like chasing butterflies with the children, or her desire to be close to a certain willow tree near the outskirts of the town. As Herlot grew, her innocence and goodness drew most people towards her—they were charmed by her whimsicality and fondness for fairytales.

One day, Herlot encounters an exquisite creature in her beloved woods—a unicorn by the name of Devotio. Through him, she learns the lore of his kind and the part humans have played in his ancestor’s history. Meanwhile, cruel King Felix is hungry for power, and the men he sends to devastate the kingdom with a deadly illness rips Herlot and her family apart. Devotio rescues her, and suddenly she finds that she’s not only tasked to save Devotio’s family in return, but to defend the kingdom against King Felix’s tyranny as well.

This high fantasy delivers in its worldbuilding and character development. Readers are able to explore Eraska through Rosestone’s eyes as she carefully selects the right details of the landscape to offer the reader a sense of realism as they immerse themselves in Herlot’s world. Herlot starts as a wide-eyed, timid girl, but by the end, she is a fearsome warrior whose pureness is also her biggest strength. Herlot of Alonia balances the lightness of the magical world with the darkness of what humans can be capable of when they seek magic for their own gain.

Though the descriptions are handled with care and beautifully written, the prose leans a little heavy at times, which disrupts the story’s flow. In the beginning, the details are welcome and contribute to the pleasantness of Herlot’s childhood, but as she grows older and encounters darker things, the imagery and minutiae has a tendency to weigh down the pace. Nevertheless, the slower plot allows for the relationship building between characters, and Herlot’s friendships and potential for romance are what makes this epic fantasy so well rounded.

Overall, Herlot of Alonia is a triumph and a promising start to a fantasy series.  

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Published on July 30, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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