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Her Dark Awakening


Loved it! 😍

A compelling story of love, mystery, hauntings, curiosity, and wonder. A great read for any fans of fantasy, demons and Greek mythology.

While juggling her job as a realtor, her private life that consists of terrible ex-boyfriends, and her desire to find the love of her life, Leia certainly has a lot on her plate. Caught between recurring dreams and reality, she is slowly unraveling a terrible secret that is haunting her. With continuous throwbacks, tormenting dreams, and an itching scar, there is certainly something that isn't quite right.

With the appearance of a painting of the man that happens to visit Leia in her dreams, she falls into a rabbit hole of Greek mythology, demons, and mystery. Why does he visit her? How can he be real? How come that Lilith, her best friend, can't remember the man's face when she saw him? How did her abusive ex-boyfriend end up falling from a tower? This story will make you wonder, make you curious about what happens next.

I enjoyed reading this novel. As soon as I was a few chapters in, it was not an easy task to put the novel down. The story is written in a way that is easy to digest, with short but meaningful chapters, and they will fly by at record speed once you get properly into it. Discovering Leia's true identity through her dreams and other flashbacks is an effective way to tell a story. Seeing things from Mo's perspective also adds more depth to the story. Although the story can be a bit dark and graphic at times, it is a great read.

I would definitely recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys fantasy novels, stories about humans and demons, or has a sliver of interest in Greek mythology. There are elements of all three aspects in this novel and they're blended in a way that creates a wonderfully intriguing story. You might think you know exactly how the plot is going to play out, but there are moments that makes you doubt your judgement. This alone makes the novel worth reading.

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Published on May 01, 2020

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