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Heir to the Darkmage


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An heir to the most feared mage of all has to learn to survive and thrive even when everyone around her fears her

Imagine being the heir to the most hated and feared mage ever known. You'd have to grow up with everyone knowing your name and what your ancestor did. Everyone hates and fears the name of Lira Astor's grandfather and though she has never met the man, people have judged Lira based on her lineage alone. She grows up on the streets learning to survive with her wits and not much else.

When she is finally accepted to mage school life gets a bit more comfortable, although Lira still has difficulty trusting anyone considering her painful past. She's learned to place surviving above all else. This will come in handy when she and several other students are mysteriously abducted and face life-threatening challenges. To top all of it off, she's agreed to do a job for the organization that wants to restore her grandfather's vision. She's going to have to rely on all her instincts to survive and perhaps do the one thing she swore never to do again in her life--rely on others to help her.

Heir to the Darkmage takes on an interesting premise. What if a student at a magic school was a relative of the worst kind of mage there was? Lira can't change who she is or who she is related to but that doesn't stop most people from judging her without even knowing anything about her.

The book moves back and forth in time to the days when Lira is left alone on the streets to fend for herself and to the dangerous situation she currently finds herself in. Overall, the book works very well and is quite entertaining. It was occasionally distracting to hop back in time or go forward just at an exciting moment but it's still engaging enough that it is very much worth reading.

Fans of fantasy books with mysteries and action at their core will love this book. There are strange creatures, powerful mages, and life on the mean streets. This was my first read of a Lisa Cassidy book but now that I have read about Lira I'm much more likely to check out some of her previous books. If you're a fan of hers already, I think you will enjoy this one. Even if you are not, I think this is a good entry point as it doesn't leave the reader feeling like they need to read any previous books to fully enjoy this one.

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A 2019 SPFBO finalist, and finalist for the 2020 ACT Writers Fiction award, Lisa Cassidy is the author of the young adult fantasy series The Mage Chronicles, and epic fantasy series A Tale of Stars and Shadow. Her brand new series, Heir to the Darkmage, releases on 22 April 2021. view profile

Published on April 22, 2021

120000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

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