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Heaven On Earth


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An entertaining and satisfying ending to the Power of Four series —and a well-written contribution to the paranormal romance genre.

Heaven on Earth is the final installment in the Power of Four series by DA Henneman. It follows Tara Varela as she learns about her powers as the element of Earth and accidentally opens a portal to Wisteria, a magickal realm where she meets her intriguing mystery man, finds answers to her growing powers, and learns about her role in an ongoing fight against the evil Shadowman.

As Tara ventures further into Wisteria and the world of elemental magick she pieces together the bits of her life that didn't make sense before; like the growing distance between her and her best friend Brooke, her abilities to heal, communicate with animals, and absorb other people's emotions.

But what most draws her to Wisteria is finding a place where she belongs. If not for the life or death need to master her powers, defeat the Shadowman, and find a way to spend the night with handsome Theo without it draining her.

Each installment in this four-book series works as a standalone novel with a different main character finding love and mastering a magickal element (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth). In this final novel, the author does a superb job of weaving all four stories and protagonists together while maintaining a rich romance between Tara and Theo and delivering an adventurous finale.

Tara and Theo's relationship, while with it's ups and downs, realistically shows two strong characters doing their best to protect and support one another (without resorting to cheap plot twists for the sake of conflict). There is some sexual content, tastefully written that straddles the line between steamy and authentic, without overshadowing the plot.

In this final chapter, the four main characters from each book join together as a wonderfully diverse group of resilient women. And the dynamic between them and their significant others is refreshing to read. Their male partners tread a fine line between worried, loving, and supportive without resorting to sexist tropes about how men should or shouldn't behave. Each relationship showcases a strong male and female character with mutual respect for one another.

The author also creates a rich cast of secondary characters that add a much-appreciated layer of unpredictability to the final battle. And she's developed a detailed magickal world that fantasy readers will love.

Heaven on Earth is a well-written and entertaining adventure for fans of paranormal romance. Well worth a read!

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Published on December 10, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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