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Heart of the Island


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A neatly crafted adventure story apt for the young thrillseekers who are looking for a quick escapade.

Matt, Ethan, and Karen embark on a daring trip to Dead-end Island in an attempt to retrieve a family heirloom that was once hidden by Karen's great-grandmother's father. But things don't go as planned and they find themselves trapped in a maze of caves with no one to help but themselves. 'Heart of Island' is a light-hearted adventure story that has its own share of thrills and chills to keep you hooked.

Ethan and Matt are exemplary of how brothers should be. Despite their obvious differences, they share an envious bonding between them. Even under tense situations, they stood united and braved what was being thrown at their path. They were the sort who would always be on the lookout for mystery, and no sooner did they hear about the legend of Dead-end Island, they jumped into action in a bid to get under the thick of it.

The twist towards the end was something that I did not expect and it actually caught me off guard. It was one of those 'Holy Cow' moments that stopped me in my tracks. It did take a while for the sudden turn of events to sink in, but then I realized that it was something ingenious. That twist alone sets the book apart from the other books of this genre. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and it took me just an hour to finish it. Not bad for a debut. Like Matt and Ethan, I'm now on the lookout for the second Project Adventure.

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David is a stay-home dad and an author of middle grade adventure books and for anyone who still feels like a kid. In his quest to entertain the young audience, David aims to take his readers on an action-packed, fun-filled and mysterious ride in the world created for his thrill-seeking characters. view profile

Published on May 08, 2020

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