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Heart of a Husband


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A must-read book not only for husbands but also for everyone who wants to save and improve one’s relationships.

When I first read the synopsis for the book “Heart of a Husband” by Paul Harris, I was immediately curious to learn something about relationships from the point of view of a man. Further, I wanted to know how Paul would relate this topic to the way Jesus Himself stands as the Groom of the Church.

It was a very weighty topic because this can help form the foundation of our understanding of love and relationships. This can also help us see ourselves in relation to God.

At a time when many relationships falter and when many people think more about giving up rather than working harder to save their relationship, this book carries a balm that may heal many broken hearts and consequently, broken marriages.

Written by someone who has undergone a very difficult period in his relationship, it contains truths many of us could relate to. Husbands would see themselves in Paul as he struggles to understand his wife, to learn more deeply about love and to admit the things that have almost cost him his marriage.

Through Paul, we’d see how even good people can struggle in their marriage life. We’d also see from his personal experience how a relationship can crumble if one is not careful in fleeing from tempting situations that seem innocent at first glance.

Paul doesn’t shy away from admitting his faults and his struggles. In humility and honesty, he opens himself and allows himself to be a channel of healing and hope for all those who want to save their relationships.

Filled with relevant Bible verses, the Christian can easily recall words of wisdom that speak with power from above. Add to this the prayers written at the end of each chapter, and one would find the assistance needed to seek spiritual help at the time he or she need it most.

I have learned so much from this book. The wisdom it contains can be applied not only between husbands and wives but between people who care about their relationships. You can be a better friend, sister, mother or father by learning how Jesus loves.

As Jesus loves His Church, so must husbands love their wives. As Jesus has loved us, so must we love one another. After all, He commanded us all, “Just as I have loved you, you also love one another.” (John 13:34, WEBBE)

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Published on December 12, 2019

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