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HAUNTED : The Cursed Lake


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This is a creepy and well-delivered ghost story that suits middle grade readers with an affection for spine-tingling tales.

Twelve-year-old Jonah Anders and his mom have moved a lot, especially since the death of his father two years previously, so it has been hard for Jonah to make lasting friendships. They got a great deal when they purchased Camp Sunny Acres, and they have high hopes for success in the years to come. Unfortunately, a tragic event occurred in the lake nearby before Jonah and his mom purchased the camp, and the effects of this occurrence are still felt in several different ways. When Jonah and another camper are literally pulled into the depths of the lake, they realize that what they initially thought was a creepy campfire story might actually be real, and they must work together to find a solution if they want the camp to survive.

This is the second book in the “Eerie Tales from the East” series, and it is markedly more intense than the first installment. Not only is a spooky ghost story told around the campfire at night, but the fact that the story comes to life means that there is an additional layer of fear woven into the narrative. Jonah is in a tough position; he is the son of the camp owner, but he is also the same age as the campers themselves. With few friends and many responsibilities, Jonah must learn to balance his duties with his camaraderie and connection with his peers. He bravely learns to stretch his comfort zone to welcome others into a life that, up until that point, has been relatively independent.

Fans of creepy stories from global literature and tradition will relish the tales in this series as a whole. Though each story takes place in a different locale, the overall structure is similar from one to the next, giving readers a sense of comfort and familiarity in the author’s writing style and each novel’s presentation. This second installment is excellently delivered, the writing having noticeably improved from that found in the first book. Middle grade readers with an interest in both the paranormal and spooky stories from around the world will appreciate the accessibility of this book as well as the other stories in this series. This book is a compelling inclusion to libraries for middle grade readers.

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MAHTAB NARSIMHAN is an award-winning author with numerous critically acclaimed books, including The Third Eye which won the Silver Birch Fiction Award. She is inspired to make sense of the world through stories and is deeply committed to representing diversity in her books. view profile

Published on March 04, 2022

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