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Harvest Moon


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A lovely story of real life and love set in the 1800s, and relaying the life and hardship of a native American family torn between cultures.

Harvest Moon by Jennifer Knipfer is a story about both love and loss in Native American life and how lives cross and remain forever intertwined. If you love historical fiction this book is for you. Based on a tale during the late 1800s, the main character is first introduced so as to invoke sympathy for her and perhaps resentment for the way things play out for the young mother.

Reading this book was a little bit tricky at first, with the native names and various pronunciations and other dialogue fitting to the story. There is a constant shift between differing places and various time frames which added to my confusion, however, the plot has little to do with this confusion. Much of the story goes back and forth between the present day of the characters and their past. Not having a real strong historical background, it did take a little reading to get into the plot and really understand what the story was trying to tell you. Once some of these nuances got straight, the story was well told and deeply thoughtful.

The main character is depicted from the start as a smart individual that is strong enough and someone who is able to make hard decisions as life goes on, despite trouble and turmoil in her own life.

I gave this story three out of five stars, not for its content, but rather for its readability. I think the story itself is great and that it is a story for someone who loves reading about history or has a background in Native American culture. The difficulty in reading the names from the beginning of the story detracted from the plot for me. Because of this level of difficulty in readability the story is slow reading, until you have all of the characters and their roles figured out.

This book is a definite must read for historical fiction lovers.

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Published on November 23, 2020

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