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Hannah and Soraya’s Fully Magic Generation-Y *Snowflake* Road Trip across America


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Hannah and Soraya take you on a crazy road trip across America, whilst trying to 'find themselves' and write a hit song

Hannah and Soraya’s Fully Magic Generation-Y *Snowflake* Road Trip across America by James Ward is a fun contemporary fiction that follows rock star Soraya and her band manager, Hannah, as they take a trip across America.

After their recent single doesn't do as well as they had hoped, Soraya's band (Fully Magic Coal Tar Lounge) question whether they should call it quits! Soraya and best friend/GF decide to go on a long-discussed road trip across America in the hope of coming up with something great to keep the band together. To further complicate matters Hannah's sisters will be joining them after something from their past comes back to rear its ugly head.

This is a road trip book unlike any other. Actively avoiding the obvious tourist places, the women opt for a more 'authentic' look at America, with the help of some fun, and somewhat endearing characters they meet along the way.

Hannah and Soraya’s Fully Magic Generation-Y *Snowflake* Road Trip across America picks apart many of the 'snowflake troupes' and attempts to turn them on their head as positives. Whilst on some occasions this falls a little flat, overall it is a fun concept that is the driving force of the story. Alongside the snowflake storyline, James Ward manages to weave in multiple other stories that intercept the women on their adventure. Some of which, you can truly get invested in, and want to discover more about.

Joining Hannah and Soraya are Hannah's sisters, Julia and Charlotte. An award-winning author and self-professed hippy respectively, they offer a fantastic contrast to Hannah and Soraya. With three famous and extremely wealthy women, this isn't the kind of road trip you would find yourself on.

I would say that this book would be a great summer read or something for a new adult age range. The book encompasses everything feel good without any real stakes which provides a truly fun experience. However, if you want something more grounded in reality, this is not the book for you.

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James Ward lives and works in southern England with his wife of 37 years and her beloved dog. He writes fiction, philosophy and poetry. view profile

Published on June 26, 2020

Published by Matador

100000 words

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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