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Grooty Fledermaus Finds A Friend


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A delightful and inspiring story filled with lessons about friendship, acceptance and courage.

Grooty Fledermaus Finds A Friend by D.L. Kruse is the first book in a series that features the adventures of Katie and Grooty. Katie is an adorable young girl whose illness will not stop her from enjoying life, while Grooty is a little kitten whose peculiarity is no hindrance for his heart.

Narrated through fun-filled rhymes that are easy to recite and to recall, this book is a story that’s as warm as a lovely sunny day. Parents and children can spend precious hours reading it during the day or at bedtime, immersing themselves in Katie and Grooty’s world of friendship, compassion and kindness.

With bright and wonderful illustrations that match the engaging narrative, this book will easily catch the attention of readers, retaining their interest to the very end. This story is a delight especially for pet lovers and those who love little kittens.

I love how this story shows that no matter how different we may be, there is still that one person who can accept us for who we are. Sometimes, we may even be surprised how those things we thought would make us different are the very things that could draw us closer to our friends.

This book is full of lessons about empathy, caring for others and finding joy in the midst of trouble. Children who are ill and who are undergoing a difficult time can relate to it, finding for themselves the courage to form lasting friendships and the confidence to live life to the very full.

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Born a barn-baby, abandoned and shunned by the other cats for being different, Grooty Fledermaus is a lonely little kitten who has a heart as big as his name but who most certainly won't survive the upcoming winter without help. But when Katie, a young girl who is trying to cope with being ill and who has needs of her own, finds him and rescues him, she has no idea of the astonishing and secret gift that Grooty is about to give her in return!

This is 'Book One' in a series of seven books, with each book's plot highlighting an important social lesson. The series uses elements of fantasy for children, as Grooty and Katie experience exciting adventures with trolls, unicorns, dragons, mermaids, reindeer, and best of all, Katie's Grandpa!

An adventure book for kids ages 4-8, this picture book is told in easy, pleasing rhyme, and is a story with themes of friendship, being different, and overcoming obstacles.

About the author

D. L. Kruse (the pen name for Dianne Greenlay's children's books) always wanted to be a zookeeper but instead lives on the Canadian Prairies and shares her home with many rescued animals, including a GIANT Irish Wolfhound, a pot-bellied pig, and of course, Grooty Fledermaus, the hairless kitten. view profile

Published on December 01, 2020

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Genre: Picture Books

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