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Groomed for Marriage


Must read 🏆

What a good little read with a mosaic of emotions attached to it. Well-done!

What a surprise R’Shannon’s novel ‘Groomed for Marriage’ was for this reader. Knowing that most of his novels involve a Christian/Catholic theme, I wasn’t expecting such a personable, honest and ‘edge of your seat’ type of story as this one.

Private Investigator Ryan Mallardi, Shannon’s key character, became an instant favorite right off – a little resemblance to a mixture of the best qualities of favorite TV detectives like, Thomas Magnum, Columbo and Jim Rockford. Read R’ Shannon’s description of Mallardi.

“Ryan Mallardi, having worked for a private investigator while getting his computer science degree from the University of Florida, had opened his own private investigations and computer security business right out of college. So at the youthful age of thirty-four, he had his own thriving business with three and sometimes four employees. Being an only child of a widowed, still-single mom, he was a self-made man in ways that the coddled youth in America rarely were anymore.”

While he is in counseling with the Catholic priest about life challenges, Mallardi is hired to investigate a situation regarding a newly-married couple with a suspicious wife, Colleen, and her husband, Jacob. Everyone keeps telling Colleen she is not thinking straight, and there is nothing going on with Jacob, so Ryan is hired. Ryan begins digging, and soon, some truths are exposed … truths that will altar the fates of many, including Ryan and Colleen and members of the church.

R’ Shannon wraps each detail intricately and carefully, ironing out wrinkles in the characters’ descriptions and connections like a baker rolling out dough to create a pan full of delicious cookies.

‘Groomed for Marriage’ was certainly a tasty read. It is exciting because this mystery, romance and thriller looks like it will be the first in a series of other stories!

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R. Shannon’s novels are Catholic/Christian friendly and feature an ensemble of interesting characters. The stories are written in a slice of life format with light humor, biblical morality and heart. There are 4 books planned in the Ryan Mallardi Private Investigation Series. view profile

Published on October 01, 2020

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Genre: Christian Fiction

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