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Go Away, Shadow!


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A well-told story that is beautifully illustrated from the French-Haitian tradition!

In Go Away, Shadow a little boy, Tee-Joe, and his little sister, Lilly, learn the meaning and importance of their shadow. It is written from the perspective of the French-Haitian tradition and it is filled with spirituality and beauty. I believe you will find this book attractive and very interesting!

Tee-Joe is only a child, and he doesn't quite understand why his shadow always follows him. He asks his Grandmere to tell them why he has such an annoying shadow so she tells them a story of a boy from Haiti, who finds out the significance of his shadow when he goes on an errand for his mother.

The illustrations in this book are beautiful! Each picture not only helps to develop the plot and characters, but they help to promote an enduring love for the beautiful country of Haiti. The clothes, the adventures, and the wildlife speak of a place that allows children to carry out real-life experiments which can bring about greater understanding.

I would recommend this book to readers who are interested in learning more about Haitian culture and spirituality. Pick up a copy of this book online or at your local bookstore.




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Tee-Joe and his sister Lilly are playing outside when he realizes: something is following him. He wants to make it go away but it won’t leave him alone. Frustrated and annoyed, he asks his Grand-mère Elsie for advice, her story lead him in a direction he could not have predicted.
Go Away, Shadow! is a heartwarming tale of adventure and family, teaching children about the love of God in the most unexpected way—through the story of a shadow.

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As a Haïtian-American author, I grew up listening to exaggerated tales of drama, love and betrayal being recounted as real-life or political events. I later realized these same themes were in the Bible. Today my ambition is to inspire children globally with wild tales of God's love and fidelity. view profile

Published on August 30, 2021

Published by GOTI Publishing, LLC

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