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Our world is a magnificently strange place. - Geo written by Topher Allen

Geodore Pebblerock is just an ordinary pink boxy crystalline rock with a square body and purple octagonal eyes. He and his stalagmite dog Spike, complete with big floppy ears, live in the crystal city of Golem's Hollow. He goes to work and like most of us struggles to not be late. But in his heart he dreams. He dreams of life outside of Golem's Hollow. There must be more than life than just his little pink house with its two octagonal windows. He even carries around a photo of a mountain top that he one day wants to climb. At the bottom of this photo he has written Don't Stop Dreaming. Day after day he visualizes this summit. He just knows that a pale amber sun and an endless golden sky await him. However, deep in his heart he also knows that, "You won't find many adventures if you hide in the shadows all day."

So, one day he and his friends including the beautiful Selwyn go on a journey. But you know what they say "Be careful what you wish for." Geo finds more than he bargains for when he encounters gigantic black salamanders with slimy bodies and horrifying beasts with fur and fangs. Before all is said and done Geo's going to need all the help he can get!

I so enjoyed reading about the adventures of Geo in Geo by Topher Allen. Geo is the ultimate dreamer. He has a wonderful imagination and uses visualization techniques to achieve his goals. His visualization is so amazing that he can feel the wind in his hair. What a great gift to have in this day and age of Disney Plus and Netflix. It's nice to read a book that encourages children (and adults) to use their gift of imagination. One of the several things that I really love about this book are the author's descriptions of the rock 'people' themselves. Adrian is described as a blue-green rock like creature. She's several feet tall, has small black crystals for eyes, and sea foam colored hair. I like reading about their daily lives as well. When Allen mentions that Geo bathes in blistering magma and a constant stream of lava. What else would a rock bathe in? And I very much like the anthropomorphisms constantly used throughout the book. One passage reads: A single grassy hill waits for daylight. Or another that says: The edge of sunrise creeps down the slope.

I give Geo by Topher Allen 5 out of 5 stars for encouraging readers to visualize, visualize, visualize what they want and to never stop dreaming. I also appreciate the fact that the author sneaks science and geology lessons into his delightful story when we're not looking (LOL). Geo is written for middle graders but it's beneficial for all ages.

So, what would you do or accomplish if fear was no longer pulling your strings?

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Topher Allen is the author of the upcoming adventure novel Geo. A technical writer and engineer, he has spent years blending the creativity of scientific innovation and written word. His upcoming novel was borne out of a desire to create art from unlikely sources like rocks, physics, and biology. view profile

Published on January 29, 2022

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