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Games of Love and Kink


Loved it! 😍

I was pleasantly surprised by this book, and I think anyone that reads it can say the same thing.

What made me want to start reading this book was mere curiosity, to be honest. I am in the mood for romance, and what really caught my eye was that while scrolling through my feed I found a Spanish author (I am Spanish myself). I had no idea that this was a translated book, and as I always read books translated from English to Spanish, I was deadly curious to see how things were the other way around.

Now well, I was surprised at the translation itself (I could not find the name of the translator but I appreciate his great job). There are numerous references in the book to help readers understand details about the culture and concepts of Spain, especifically in that period, that I, being a Spanish, found helpful too.

The story is quite interesting. The characters are different from one another, you can see their traits that differentiate them, but also you see how they connect and create a compelling unity.

Their journey is that of discovery, not only about love and kink, as the title suggests, but also about themselves and their relationships. Each one of them has their own path, thoughts and motives to do what they do, and I found the character building coherent, apalling and great. Also, such main characters fit in very well with the historical background in which the story develops, adding realism and truth to what we are being told.

The plot has improvable things, in my opinion, and sometimes I felt like the number of pages on this book needn't be this. It could have been shorter. On the other hand, thanks to the length of this book, we can comprehend and get into the main characters' minds, which makes the reader feel more engaged (or at least it made me feel more engaged).

The explicit scenes is what made me not give this book 5 stars. I can't really put my finger on why it was like that, though. It is not they are badly written (although there were some things I didn't like, maybe because the author is a man, I don't know), but I just expected more out of them.

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Hello! My name is Noelia. I'm a 25-years-old Spanish girl that spends most of her time behind a book. I started taking my reviewing journey a bit more seriously around 2 years ago. I love writing my thoughts on Goodreads, a little bit on Instagram too, and I also speak on Youtube about my readings.

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I am an avid reader in English and Spanish: Sci-Fi, fantasy, historical fiction and science. As a neuroscientist and UCLA professor, I reviewed many papers. I wrote five novels set in the Spain of the 70s, in its transition to democracy. I also write popular science about sex and the mind. view profile

Published on July 25, 2022

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