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Galactic Teens


Worth reading 😎

This graphic novel has potential, but it does too much telling and not enough showing.

Initially, I wanted to give this graphic novel 2 stars; it needs quite a bit of work before it can be considered finished. However, there were parts of it I liked, and that intrigued me, so I decided on 2 stars.

One thing I like about this graphic novel are the illustrations. They aren't super precise or detailed, yet I like the "rushed" sort of unpolished feel of them. The illustrations fit the space alien/teen heroes theme in my opinion.

Another thing I like is the story line. The plot is quite simplistic, probably too much so, but it makes for an easy read. I could follow the story readily, and experienced no confusion about what was happening.

There are several things that made this graphic novel lose points in my book.

The first is that I can't tell whether this is geared for younger readers or not (it reads that way), so I was a bit confused by that. The a storyline is super straight forward and the villains aren't scary (among other things), which leads me to believe this is an early/middle grade read. Even if this is the case, the story isn't giving young readers enough credit - they are able to connect plot points without being told exactly what is occurring in such minute detail.

Second, there is way too much telling and not enough showing. The majority of the story is told through boxes at the bottom of the panels, and very little is portrayed though actual dialogue. The graphic novel could have no pictures and no dialogue, and I still would have known what was happening due to the info dump at the bottom of virtually every panel.

Additionally, at first, I thought the graphic novel was a parody of alien/super hero related graphic novels, but alas, I was wrong. I thought this because of how simple the story/drawings are and the overload of plot-telling.

Overall, this graphic novel has potential, but it definitely needs some tightening up in regards to the over use of plot-telling and a few other areas.

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Published on September 25, 2020

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