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Galactic Fun Park


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A wonderfully crafted middle grade adventure about teamwork—where animal hijinks is the name of the game!

Mason Bell’s Galactic Fun Park is a fantastically written middle grade adventure story about the behind-the-scenes antics at a popular amusement park. Kids—especially animal lovers—will love to hear about the warring factions and detailed hierarchy of the cats, rats, squirrels, roaches, and raccoons as they battle against park staff. 

As the popular summer rush dies down, park management—who typically let the animals do as they wish—hear increasing complaints about its “pests.” In order to curb a more serious PR nightmare with its customers, the park turns to a pair of trusty exterminators to take care of the problem. 

The issue? The animals are already on to them. Ensue territorial bickering between the animals, until they realize the only way to overcome this problem is to truly band together.

Galactic Fun Park is a marvelous addition to the middle grade genre. It’s expertly written in a way that doesn’t speak down to middle grade readers. The plot focuses on the animals' plight and it’s fascinating to see just how each animal group survives in the secret (and not-so-secret) areas of the amusement park. The world the author builds is unique, well thought out, and highly entertaining. 

The book focuses on the need for the animals to work together—an important theme for younger readers. But it's the way the plot unfolds and the creativity behind how the animals plan their final stand that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. 

Based on its gorgeous writing, unique theme park backdrop, and riveting story, Galactic Fun Park easily earns a five out of five star rating. This is a must-read for animal loving middle grade readers who are fans of other animal-centric books like Charlotte’s Web, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, or The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp. It’s well-worth checking out for kids, teachers, and parents alike.

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Mason Bell spent many of her teenage years working under the scorching sun in a popular theme park. Serving in positions from ride operation to sweeping trash to managing work crews, she learned the park’s secrets and gained an appreciation for the effort that went into creating the illusion. view profile

Published on September 14, 2021

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