From the diary of a nobody


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A compilation of a personal journey to find where your own true freedom comes from, and what is it to be truly free


The journey of pain....

When your pain 

Starts pouring down 

On you as 

The monsoon rains

You may feel 

As if the life 

That is you 

Might be going 

Down the drain 

In that downpour of pain 

You may feel 

As if the gravity is

Pulling you down 

With the heavy 

Droplets of rain 

And in that free fall 

No one can’t stand tall 

You will come smashing down

To the ground

And then breaking down

But that’s when   

You go through an overhaul 

The rain must rain

Even if it gets 

Smashed against a

Fast moving train

As droplets of water 

Coming together 

Filling a flowing river 

With each other 

Those droplets of rain 

No longer carry their pain 

They are now 

One as water 

Making the blood 

That is flowing  

Through your veins 

Such is the journey 

And the story

Of pain

And we all 

Go through it

Knowing we may 

Never be the same 










About the author

A serial entrepreneur, Sanjeev is currently Director & CEO at D+O, and he is also the founder of DTM Global Holdings. He has also founded other initiatives including of Imagination@WORK and 9Visions. Sanjeev is the recipient of " South East Asia Young Achiever's Award " view profile

Published on August 23, 2020

40000 words

Genre: Self-help

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