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Beautiful, blissful musings of a narrator who wants to live life for themselves as a nobody rather than a somebody.


A compilation of a personal journey to find where your own true freedom comes from, and what is it to be truly free

I love how cathartic this collection of poetry, monologues, conversations and mini essays is. The author really has a way with words and the entire book is beautifully written, it is so easy to just flow from one page to another - from one life experience or emotion to another - without abrupt interruption or disappointment.

Kumar graciously explores the human condition, developing mindset and 'journey' through their own individual life in a blissful tone. The author is certainly emotionally aware and in touch with their feelings, be it positive or negative, to the extent that they implore the reader to do the same no matter what the circumstance is. The tone is sensitive throughout yet realistic in its content because these musings are clearly honest, genuine products of the author's mind and heart.

My favourite poems from this collection are A Bittersweet Taste and Human Nature. The first poem struck me with the line 'there will always be a tomorrow without me' and then goes on to ponder existence without the narrator in a peaceful, accepting tone that surprisingly does not induce an existential crisis. Human Nature also treated the theme of love carefully, urging the reader to feel to the full: 'May you love until your heart breaks', or else what is the point in loving at all?

I also love the concept of this book. Throughout, you can really tell that the author does not care for making a name for themselves to be adored or envied by others. Instead, the writing proves that Kumar appreciates life as a blessing for the individual and the individual should be focused on living it to the full, experiencing it to the full and above all feeling its every aspect to the maximum for themselves and not others.

This was a very calming yet thought-provoking read and I am so happy that I could enjoy this whole book in one sitting. Each sentence left me wanting to learn more of the writer's open-minded perception of life. I did not want to put it down!

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A compilation of a personal journey to find where your own true freedom comes from, and what is it to be truly free

The journey of pain....

When your pain

Starts pouring down

On you as

The monsoon rain

You may feel

As if the life

That is you

Might be going

Down the drain

In that downpour of pain

You may feel

As if gravity is

Pulling you down

With the heavy

Droplets of rain

And in that free fall

No one can’t stand tall

You will come smashing down

To the ground

And then break down

But that’s when

You go through an overhaul

The rain must rain

Even if it gets

Smashed against a

Fast moving train

As droplets of water

Coming together

Filling a flowing river

With each other

Those droplets of rain

No longer carry their pain

They are now

One as water

Making the blood

That is flowing

Through your veins

Such is the journey

And the story of pain

And we all

Go through it

Knowing we may

Never be the same


A bittersweet taste...

There will always be

A tomorrow without me

And the world will still be

Living without me

People will carry on

From dusk to dawn

The sun will continue to shine

And the search for the divine

Will still get more time

Those who once

Loved and cared for me

Will learn to live without me

No heaven or hell

None of that rings a bell

No guardian angel

To take care of me

And to tell me, it all be well

But yes, my journey

Will surely leave a trail

A life lived through me

A possibility that

Somehow became me

I wasn’t born known

So I knew

I will be unknown

And the urge to know

Got me through cold and snow

Humans O Humans

You are one of a kind

I am glad, I could find

All that and much more

By being on a journey

Inside my own mind

I know, life and death

For some, is a

Simple matter of faith

And the existence of a divine

Somehow makes everything fine

The sorrow and pain

Can at times come

Pouring down as rain

Living a human life

Leaves you with

A Bittersweet taste

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Published on August 23, 2020

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