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From LA to London, with Love


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A surprisingly fresh, fantastically written, and heartwarmingly diverse contemporary romance about love, family, trust, and self-acceptance.

From LA to London, with Love by Elizabeth Luly was a surprisingly refreshing, fantastically written, and heartwarmingly diverse contemporary romance about love, family, trust, and self-acceptance.

This novel follows Chris Trent—yet another white, straight, attractive, Chris-named, cis-male Hollywood actor—as he travels to England to film for an upcoming project and who unexpectedly meets single mum, Sophie Shah. With Chris still recovering from a publicly humiliating breakup that resulted in months-long recluse and Sophie's focus being on her baby and upcoming business venture, starting a relationship has definitely not been on each other's radar.

While I was expecting a light-hearted, laugh-out-loud rom-com (as its title, synopsis, and cute, pink cover may suggest), this novel was anything but. From LA to London, with Love was a wonderful and touching read that introduces readers to a diverse and passionate set of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ characters and touches on issues surrounding LGBTQ+ allyship, the importance of diversity and inclusion, mental health, and effects of childhood trauma.

While the readers got the meet cute scene every romance novel requires (which, for a second got me worried because of who the drink got spilled on), the plot wasn't at all clichéd or predictable. It was unexpectedly adventure-filled and included powerful conversations and messages that deeply resonated with myself. The novel also included a wide and diverse set of characters, all of whom played an important part in Chris and Sophie's relationship and personal growth.

The main characters were extremely likable and relatable. I loved how the author was able to create realistic characters with backstories and experiences that most (if not all) readers can relate to. My favourite part of this novel was reading about Chris and Sophie's character development and reading how their shared experiences, vulnerable and open conversations with each other, and supportive network of friends and family all helped to shape it.

Overall, I’d recommend From LA to London, with Love to anyone looking for a fantastically written contemporary romance that's with filled with adventure, diverse characters, and powerful messages surrounding family and self-acceptance. And of course, to all the pupper and doggo lovers out there—this one's for you, too!

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Romance author Elizabeth Luly lives with her gardening-obsessed wife, cheeky toddler and highly strung Schnoodle in Melbourne, Australia. She loves strong coffee, dogs, traveling and happily ever afters. view profile

Published on November 11, 2022

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