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Freemasonry: Spiritual Alchemy


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An indispensable wealth of knowledge applicable to both the ancient art of alchemy and modern Freemasonry.

FREEMASONRY: SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY by Chris Earnshaw provides an in-depth synopsis of alchemy’s influence upon Masonic beliefs. Significant contributors to both alchemy and Freemasonry are discussed in length. Earnshaw reveals the importance of the Book of Lambspring, Mutus Liber, and The Twelve Keys as well as Masonic symbolism. He outlines Twenty of the Twenty-five Signposts, dispelling the idea of ‘cheap symbolism’. Per Earnshaw, the ‘study of alchemy is essential for the understanding of modern Freemasonry’.

From an intellectual perspective, this book offers a wealth of information. The historical components intrigued me the most. However, the material is somewhat choppy and incohesive. Despite this aspect, Earnshaw’s knowledge of the content is indispensable. This book is an excellent resource for those interested in the history of alchemy. While those seeking to understand Freemasonry at its core need look no further. Secrets, however, remain as they should be. Unwritten.  

As a bonus, Earnshaw implements steganography to hide within his text Freemasonry’s Twenty-fifth Signpost, The Quest for Immortality.  

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