Freddie's Gift


Loved it! 😍

A hilarious look at how to embrace our differences while working toward a common goal.

Freddie’s Gift is not the first book that author, and cartoonist Jennifer Tremblay has written and hopefully, it will not be her last. In addition to writing this book, she is also the illustrator!

Freddie’s Gift is about snow kids in Snowmania, an island that is located between Canada and the North Pole. Freddie and his classmates go to school during the day while their parents go to work. Freddie only has one friend at school. He and Rosie are friends because they are different from everyone else. They each have their unique gifts and can appreciate the differences.

Freddie's Gift is hilarious. I can see preschool children laughing hysterically while being read this story. The adults will also find it humorous. There are a few bits of humor that children might not get, but the adults will appreciate this addition. The illustrations are fantastic and perfect for the story. No imagination is needed to read this story, as you can see clearly what is going on. The only thing that might be a turn-off for some parents is the word “fart.”

This book will be a wonderful addition to any home with a young child. I would also recommend it to both public and school libraries. I can see this one becoming a timeless children’s classic. It is very well done, and children will want to read it over and over again. I read it twice and will go back and read it again before submitting this review!

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I am an avid book reader (book addict), I could literally spend all day reading and not get bored. We have books in every room except the bathrooms! I love learning new things through reading. *Prefer books with no profanity or explicit content.*


Freddie the snow kid doesn't fit in. He's the only snow kid in Snowmania with gas. No one hangs out with him, except for his best friend Rosie, who's a little strange herself. Freddie and Rosie learn to embrace the things that make them different when a polar bear invades their school.

Freddie's gift is a fun book about the friendship and learning that the things that make us different are often our strengths.

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Thirty some years ago, I was the kid at the back of the class who cartooned all over everything. I tried growing up for a time, but gave up on that! I have three kids of my own who've inspired me to pursue this dream of writing and illustrating fun stories. view profile

Published on January 06, 2021

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Genre: Children's

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