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Frankenbots: Sunken City of Scraps


Must read 🏆

Extraordinary illustrations and story-telling...this is a definite read!

If you are looking for a good story, to interest your young readers, then this is it! This picture book employs both good story-telling techniques, along with clever and interesting illustrations. I would encourage any parent or mentor to get this book for their reader.

After fighting off invaders, the Frankenbots have become weary and must come up with a plan to defeat their enemies. However, they can not agree on a solution. When the Sunken City is found, the Frankenbots learn that they must find a way to work together or lose their fight against the Galactic Invaders.

In this story, the author uses rhymes to make his points memorable and delightful. Any child will understand the predicament of the Frankenbots, and will quickly realize the importance of teamwork. As such, the point of the story is accessible without being too "preachy".

The illustrations in this book are exceptional and do an incredibly good job of carrying the story along. I loved even the speech bubbles, which looked like something bots would use to make their speeches.

I would recommend this picture book to any reader. The story and illustrations are inclusive, relevant, and relatable. I read it several times over because it is so much fun!

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After fighting off invaders, the Frankenbots needed a new plan to protect themselves. The only problem was none of them could agree on a solution. A fantastic opportunity presents itself in the form of a Sunken City. The Frankenbots must find a way to work together to succeed. A story of adventure, teamwork, and learning how to get along.

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Children’s book author Michael Ferrone knew that he would one day create illustrated books and cartoons after having taken an illustrating and writing class at his local library in Southern California when he was a child. view profile

Published on March 28, 2021

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Genre: Picture Books

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