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Fragile Boundaries


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A daringly honest look at the private moments in character’s lives. They are events that shape them, even if seemingly insignificant.

Fragile Boundaries by R.E. Vaughn is a collection of short stories that explore different characters in some of the most revealing moments of their lives. Each story provides a taste of different periods and lives along with the ways the main characters choose to handle the challenges they face. The voice of each character is distinct, as they vary in gender, age, and life experiences and Vaughn does a good job of putting the reader into the headspace of each. Although perhaps not the most experimental of short story collections, each story is important in how it shaped the character’s lives.

At first glance, some of the stories seemed run-of-the-mill, sharing how a woman decides to leave her husband or a family coping with their secrets. As I read on, I realized they felt this way only because they were stories that I am familiar with, either from having experienced them or in other literature.

Each piece is a moment plucked from a character’s life that they would likely never share publicly, let alone to their closest confidants. They are the events in their lives that shape them forever, even if they seemed insignificant at the time. Perhaps it was setting foot on a new course in life, witnessing (or causing) a horrible event, or a time that foreshadowed larger implications later. Readers are sure to identify with some of the stories, and others will reveal what it is to a complicated human and deal with the choices we make and the emotions that come with them.

My personal favorites of the collection included: Fragile Boundaries, an introspective look at wish-fulfillment and its repercussions. In the Matter of Animals, a tale of sisters bound together as prey and searching for a way out of their situation. Finally, Sleep with One Eye Open, which was a fun take on the present-day revenge story in a time of ghosting and relationships left hanging.

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Published on May 02, 2020

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