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For Love and Glory


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A beautiful tale of purpose, courage and love that transcends time periods and generations.

Cindy Bonner’s For Love and Glory follows Lange DeLony, a young man who loves to fly. He avoids his problems as he searches futilely for purpose and happiness. After a tragic loss, Lange is even more determined to escape his painful reality and decides to join the Royal Air Force during WWII in a fight that isn’t even his own. Along his journey he meets ferry pilot Mackie MacLeod, and discovers more about himself and how to truly find what is missing in his life.

The characters are so real and seem to explode off of the pages. Lange especially shows tremendous change as the readers see him thrive on his strengths and battle with his weaknesses. What is interesting to note is that so many different characters affected by the same war have such varied attitudes, desires and motivations. This makes the reading very intriguing as the reader watches each storyline and sees how each character makes choices and deals with the consequences afterwards. 

The language and writing style are as varied as the characters. At times the words are witty as seen by, ‘“Excuse her. She’s not used to being polite.”’ On other occasions they are thought-provoking: “It is not necessary to be a hearing person to know when anger has won.” Action scenes are written with sharp, short sentences which create that intense, adrenaline filled feeling: “His legs trembled. Heart hammered in his ears.” Bonner’s constant language and style changes keep the readers locked in and make the storytelling more impactful.

For Love and Glory explores themes related to Identity and Purpose. Readers should be able to relate to the characters who are trying to find themselves in the midst of chaos and war. In this way, the plot goes beyond a Historical Fiction set in the 1940s and hones in on the truth about humanity despite the age or time period - there’s a need to be accepted, to be loved and discover what makes one thrive in the world in which one lives.

The story has lots of information and facts which may elude some readers and cause them to be lost at times. But Bonner does a great job in maintaining the authenticity of the time which makes the story so realistic. Readers who enjoy Historical Fiction or stories about love, war and purpose, should definitely read this book.

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Published on April 26, 2022

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