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Followers by Christina Bergling


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Sidney learns that real-life horror is not a game and that being stalked the chaos is ratcheted up every time she faces it.

Sidney is a single mom and horror movie fan. She has an unfulfilling retail job. But her dream job is running a successful model and movie reviewer. Her loyal followers fill her downtime. Chatting with them sometimes feels like an obligation. There are a few "online boyfriends". A lot of harmless flirting. Any old line from her does the trick. Then she plans a trip to HorrorFest. This is when things grow dark. . One late night she was attacked by an unknown assailant. It is not reported to the police and it is more suspense ahead.

Followers made me realize that perhaps being divorced is scary. I think Sidney was depressed. She is hardly with her son. She baths and feeds him. And if she was spending with Cameron it was to watch a horror movie. Or distracted him with computer games. She didn't read him bedtime stories. That's why I couldn't give her Mommy Props. I don't know if these elements were intentional on Bergling's part. I wish I could have been more invested in relating to Sidney.

The boy toy thing with Tony I was quick to judge. But I thought about it and it's perfectly fine. It's time to bring new things to fiction such as casual sex. Usually, it's the guy ignoring and discarding the girl after a night of hot sex.

However, I found it interesting that she was self-aware but she did nothing to change it. A line from the book sums it up completely: "Yet the rest of her was content to recline on the unconsummated terms that could exist in a limbo untainted by real life."

Perhaps the overall takeaway it's frightening how an online persona can be more appealing than dealing with your life. And it's not a stretch. People are hooked to their phones and their family pays the price. Admittedly the book had me in its grips in the second half.

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Published on September 24, 2021

Published by Crystal Lake Publishing

100000 words

Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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