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Flowers on the Wall


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Relationships of all kinds become hard to manage whenever newfound love is introduced into the hearts of these four friends from college.

Relationships of all kinds become hard to manage whenever newfound love is introduced into the hearts of these four friends from college. Each have all flourished in their own ways, but have continued to let the past uphold the development of their future. Although successful, these friends struggle silently everyday with their own ideas of love, devotion and friendship while the outside world sees nothing but a beautiful set of flowers.

We are first introduced to Mariah and Eleanor as they get into the swing of Eleanor's birthday celebration. Eleanor seems to be quite the life of the party and Mariah more of the woman in the background. These two college friends experience life differently as Mariah continues to remember the life she once had, while Eleanor and Mariah's mother look for a man well suited to drag Mariah out of her normal day to day life as an attorney. Eleanor, of course, has a few challenges of her own as an owner of a spice curating company, but would never express her true feelings even if she wanted to.

This piece of literary fiction is honestly one of the best pieces I have read in a long time. From the drama to discovering the resolution of all characters has left me on the edge of my seat wanting more. Each section, although confusing at first, seems to meld together, capturing my attention in the best way possible.

There are a few things that I would change about this book. Personally, with there being so many changes of perspective within each section, it would be good to not only add chapter numbers, but also indicate who controls the chapter within the sections. I must admit, having the big letters at the beginning of a chapter doesn't really separate it from the rest. However, despite these hiccups, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of fiction.

I would definitely say that not reading this book, whether you are into literary fiction or not, would be a disservice. Throughout the twists and turns, there is a deeper meaning behind the masks that each character wears. To give your reader the opportunity to discover each person through an audience lens, is nothing short of an accomplishment for this author.

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Tanya Paris is a native of the Hispaniola. She has been a classroom teacher for over two decades. She is happiest when riding upon dragons, scheming with fairies, or concocting potions of mischievous outcomes. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and their two teenagers. view profile

Published on September 30, 2020

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