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First Sight


Worth reading 😎

A friendlier GoT-type story without all of the dysfunction and bloodshed.

Imagine this: you're chilling in your isolated village with your people when an expedition of representatives come and, bam, you are in a foreign city and knee-deep in political intrigue. All of the subterfuge is plain frustrating and exhausting, but you have the stamina to do what needs to be done to save the beautiful princess.

In First Sight (10,000 BCE, #1) by Chan Jing Yuan, the main character, Seylu ventures out to sea with his father and a bunch of their people's strongest warriors to the city of Hometz. The premise for their first-time voyage is to check out the city to potentially trade with them, but we all know things are never that simple. There is a lot going on in the story.

The book contains a huge cast of characters, and the author works to deliver their perspectives, all in the first person. Switching between characters mid-chapter made it challenging to keep track of all the subplots, but readers unbothered by a staggered plot trajectory will probably enjoy the jumps around a world filled with complicated characters doing the most to either destroy or save each other. Seylu is in the middle of it all, trying his best to make the right decisions to safeguard his people and Princess Ifritar.

Book One in this series serves as a primer for readers to get to know key figures and places. I tend not to gravitate toward a hodgepodge of characterizations, but Chan wrote some that kept my interest, especially that of Prince Morutep. I love a cocky antagonist, and Morutep delivers in a way that made me want him to succeed. I hope the author includes more of him in the series; he is a foundational character.

Since it is categorized as a historical romance, it would be great if there was more romance as the 10,000 BCE expands, if not, the lack of at least one passion-influenced couple, trying their best to be together in a world steeped with intrigue, will disappoint some readers.

First Sight is an interesting first look at a GoT-type plot, but without a lot of the dysfunction.

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Published on May 31, 2020

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