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A treasure is rumored to be kept on a mysterious island in the Atlantic. A ruthless assassin is the only one who knows its location.

Firefax is a thrilling historical tale set against the backdrop of the American Revolution. It is 1781, and the Firefaxes are reeling at the sudden loss of their father, Robert. The Firefaxes are a special family, after all. With a legacy of death and rumors of being king killers following their family name, and the legend of a mystical city filled with gold hidden away on a long lost island, being a Firefax is just as dangerous as it is for other people to associate with them. Everyone wants to know the secret location of the city, as obtaining the treasures from the phantom island may just be what is needed to end the Revolution.

Firefax was kind of like National Treasure meets Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. A mysterious, possibly completely fictional treasure is said to be the legacy of one family, and without members of that family, the mystery would never be able to be solved. Murdoch, the deadliest of all the Firefaxes, is the only person who knows where Lubrerum is. Unfortunately for his enemies among the Argonauts and the Myrmidons, not to mention his siblings which are used as pawns against him, Murdoch seems not to have much of a care of what happens to those who share his surname. 

Firefax is a unique dictation on the bonds of family, loyalty and morality. The Firefax siblings, save Murdoch, are close knit. Though ranging in age from seventeen to nearing middle-age, they rely on each other not only to survive, but to experience the love and light that their family’s profession unfortunately makes hard to come by. Murdoch, as well as his father and his grandfather, before him, however, were known to not feel tenderly toward their kin as a member of a nuclear family typically does. Everyone of Murdoch’s enemies that tries to elicit the secret location of Lubrerum from him tries to appeal to his morality and loyalty to his family. Murdoch, however, is a prime example of how sharing the same blood does not automatically ensure loyalty or even love and human courtesy to others in his family. He is loyal first and foremost to himself and his secrets. The Argonauts and Myrmidons, likewise, are loyal to their cause, but also heavily influenced by their own greed for wealth. This greed is what allows human beings to inflict cruelty so casually on other humans. 

Firefax is a fast-paced historical treasure hunt where all bets seem to be off. While I quite enjoyed the plotline of the book and the myriad of characters we were introduced to, there were some portions that were quite graphic (though this might be more due to personal tastes than faults of the author). For this reason, I did have a little trouble getting through some of the grislier portions of the book. I would merely caution those who are easily squeamish against getting in too far over their heads!  

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Published on October 01, 2023

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