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Fiduciary Duty


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A ripped-from-the-headlines thriller, looking at invasive viruses and vaccine development

This is a complex, well-written thriller that looks at the wheeling and dealing at can happen following a medical emergency. It almost cuts too close to the bone, given the current situation. Unlike our current news reports, the focus is not so much on the virus, but more the business that is run around it, vaccine development, and just what people will do to get control and money.

Jackie Parker thinks she’s just watching the usual machinations of her company, including the jousting for the CEO position. When a novel virus appears on the scene, throwing the world into a pandemic, Empire starts trying to patent a vaccine, take control of the supply. The situation becomes more desperate, as people who show signs of the illness get sent into isolation, and military resources are brought in to enforce separations and vaccinations.

All is not on the up and up at Empire, and Parker starts to run across evidence that there is a sinister plan afoot. But does it involve her old friend, the man who brought her to Empire in the first place? Who among her acquaintances can she trust?

The tension rises as she gets dragged around by events and sometimes physically by thugs and conspirators. Then her friend is arrested, she finds some seriously implicating evidence - and ends up dodging bullets. Someone doesn’t want her to share what she knows, and they are quite determined.

Author Warren knows what they are talking about. The epidemiology of the outbreak is credible, and the inner workings of development labs seems reasonable. This is a good thing, because the story has many working parts, and any loss of credibility can stop it in its tracks.

I found the ‘Maltese Falcon’ item seemed to stand out as the only problem with the plot. It seemed needlessly complex and obtuse, but my reading this during the Covid-19 events meant I occasionally had to close the book to look away, and perhaps I missed the key link. The story rang too true for comfort.

Well worth the read if you are capable of it at this time - it will give a background of what could be going on behind the scenes in the big businesses surrounding an epidemic. Chilling.

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After earning degrees in molecular biology and law, A. T. Warren worked as a patent litigator with a specialty in pharmaceutical litigation for nearly fifteen years, rising to partnership at a large Chicago-based firm. She has also served as head of global litigation for a Global 100 tech company. view profile

Published on March 07, 2020

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