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Farewell, Everything


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"Farewell, Everything" explores the magic of superstition, the mystery of death, and the haunting mysticism carried by ghosts.

There was something about Osha’s new house. 'Something superstitious,' Nadya claimed, 'Something about death and ghosts.' In her novel, Farewell, Everything, author Véva Perala explores the magic of superstition, the mystery of death, and the haunting mysticism carried by ghosts.

In a post-flood world, Osha, a nomadic musician, finds himself wandering without a real home -- rather, he’s without a home he wants to return to. With the help of spirits, Nadya finds Osha and takes him in. But neither of them would’ve anticipated the unraveling of the world -- of life -- as they know it.  

Veva Perala merges their world with the mystical wonders of what was...and what could be. As Perala delves into the very real themes of spirituality and politics, she never strays from the magical. The mystifying elements of this story lay within the setting of Perala’s world. Using beautiful writing, vivid imagery, and poetic descriptions, readers can investigate the mysteries of Osha’s life as we glimpse into his memories, his love interest, everything that he has seen -- and the world unseen.

Perala includes details that spark a reader’s interest and leaves them not only guessing what will happen next, but what happened before. We want to know what happened to the world, what happened to Osha, what happened to Nadya, and what will happen next. Farewell, Everything is very well written, encapsulating the best things about magical realism and leaving readers enamored with the world built in its story. 

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Author of the darkly comedic magical realism novel ‘Farewell, Everything,’ published in November 2019 by Nowhere Press. view profile

Published on November 11, 2019

Published by Nowhere Press

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