Faith to Freedom: From Dumpster To Doctor


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Faith to Freedom: From Dumpster to Doctor, is a book title that stirs a strong curiosity at the onset. The mind’s eye envisions familiar sights of souls lingering on sidewalks, asleep on bus stop benches or lining freeway underpasses in metropolitan areas. Hope for them appears dim, and a life turnaround nearly impossible.

Author, Dr. Keith L. Marshall escorts his reading audience down a very personal and vulnerable road. A scenic route revealing childhood abuse suffered from his stepfather’s rage, promiscuity, a twenty year struggle with a chronic crack cocaine addiction, abandonment, homelessness, imprisonment and the severe trauma suffered from being shot in the head point blank and stabbed multiple times, being left for dead.

Ultimately, Dr. Marshall does reveal the silver lining within the pages of his autobiography. Before doing so, he naturally motivates his reading audience to take a deeper look into their own lives, past and present. In doing so they may be inspired to unearth and face their own buried pain, ghosts from the past and residual fears that need to be uprooted and healed.

Today Dr. Keith Marshall is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (4.0-GPA), CEO, and Owner of Dedicato Treatment Center Inc

About the author

Dr Keith Marshall holds a Doctor of Clinical Psychology Degree, a Bachelor and Master Degree in Human Development , Drug and Alcohol Studies Specialist Certificate , and has three professional Addiction Counselor Licenses and Certifications. His is an Owner and CEO of his Treatment Company view profile

Published on January 18, 2021

Published by Keith L Marshall

30000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Inspirational