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Everybody Gets Paid


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A Hollywood writer's search for love through a journey filled with travel, sex, drinking, parties and the determination to write That Book.

The opening lines of his film script put Hollywood writer Nathaniel Oakland into context. He is a writer with flair and style, if somewhat flowery at times as he says: "Southern California is a hazy diorama of distant radiated moments that sweep past..."

Radiated? Really? Though it fits in a way, as he rambles through his often mind-blowing (from drugs, sex and drink) path to divorce, his journey towards trying to write the ultimate Hollywood script, and his ghost-writing books that help pay for it all.

Together Nate journeys with his friends, film/movie maker Grant Farrow and lawyer Rooney O'Day (the only one who stays sober), from LA to San Francisco, meeting various hikers and other characters along the way, including two young hippies, Marble and Faith, and ending up with maverick socialite Andy Santiago in the beautiful city of San Francisco, which he describes as “The city by the Bay...a rich echo of a conversation with a good friend you wish to recount over and over.”

Nate's ongoing search for women, meaning and 'something more' takes him home to his family in New York, before he once more heads back to those he knows in LA, where the endless round of women and drinks continues. But not without his catching descriptions: “The ride back to Arcadia is blood red; the sky is filled with sunset and smoke. Its beautiful and endless.”

It is with some relief that he finally signs the divorce papers and can finalise that part of his life and move on in his quest for some sort of happiness.

Author Tom Morgan’s use of language is creative and often beautiful and his descriptions of the California he clearly loves are poetic, though at times his editing is somewhat sloppy with too many small typos, the unnecessary ones as in: “So I drift in that until my eyes get to (sic) heavy.” The story is, I suspect, written from his personal experience and sometimes reads more like a memoir than a novel. Perhaps I kept waiting for something to happen, so one character's untimely death in a car accident was almost a welcome piece of action.

The book will appeal to all those whose lives are a search for something more, a journey through dates, sex, drugs, and booze – with the possibility of a happy ending.

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A journalist in South Africa, I moved to the UK. Assistant Editor of magazines, then into corporate communication. Fellow of IABC
Author of Cry of the Rocks, and two romances. Won SA Writers' Circle book awards twice. Numerous reviews.

About the author

Tom Morgan was born and grew up in the northeast and is the author of Everybody Gets Paid, as well as "Angel River Falls" and "West/East: Collected Poetry". He currently lives in Los Angeles. view profile

Published on August 03, 2020

Published by Chesterfield West

90000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Literary Fiction

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